For our loyal customers artekcenter has prepared Aklub, which gives you discounts and many other benefits. As a member of Aklub you will be regularly informed of the specific offers intended exclusively for members of Aklub.

How can I apply for Aklub membership?

Customers can apply for Aklub by clicking on the Join link on the storefront (Profile details -> User groups tab). And the store administrator is supposed to either approve or decline the request. To process a request:
1. Click on the User group requests link to open a list of pending requests.
2. Select the check boxes for the requests you want to process and click either the Approve selected or Decline selected button.

What are the conditions for joining the Aklub?

There is no special conditions to join Aklub. Membership is free. The only so-called "condition" is that when you join Aklub, you confirm and accept that we can email you special promotions intended for Aklub members!
If you do not wish to receive notifications, you must cancel the membership.

What is Aklub offering me?

Every member of Aklub can purchase selected items that are on special Aklub item list. Next to that, you can also collect points which you can use in checkout!

How can I cancel Aklub membership?

Just click the "Remove" link in the groups tab and your membership will be cancelled.

Can I re-join Aklub if I cancelled my membership?

Yes. You can re-apply for the membership at any time.

When Aklub membership can't be or will not be confirmed?

In the event of the ongoing Aklub offer, a new membership at this time will not be confirmed! Your request to join the Aklub will be confirmed after the current Aklub offer expires.