Federal Ammunition 22 LR Gold Medal Premium Match

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Please note that in order for us to sell the ammunition outside Slovenia, we must receive from you your import license for the items you wish to purchse in our store. When we receive your import license, we must then apply for the export license at our MOI. It usually takes up to 3 weeks to receive the export license.

But before any action is made, we are kindly asking you to email us your inquiry for ammunition, so that we can prepare you the offer as costs for sending the ammunition outside Slovenia can be very expensive. Please use our contact form for more information!

Federal's Gold Medal line of premium match ammunition is the perfect load to take with you to your next competitive match. This load has been known to win many competitions for shooters across the fruited plains. This 22 LR cartridge is loaded to exacting standards to deliver the consistency required for when the pressure to perform is at its highest.



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22 LR
2,59g / 40gr
50 pcs
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