Force on Force Marking round 5,56mm

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Please note that in order for us to sell the ammunition outside Slovenia, we must receive from you your import license for the items you wish to purchse in our store. When we receive your import license, we must then apply for the export license at our MOI. It usually takes up to 3 weeks to receive the export license.

But before any action is made, we are kindly asking you to email us your inquiry for ammunition, so that we can prepare you the offer as costs for sending the ammunition outside Slovenia can be very expensive. Please use our contact form for more information!

Force on Force™ marker rounds boast superior performance, signature marking and reliable ballistics. Unlike other products on the market, Force on Force training ammunition is lead-free and safe for indoor use. Our special marking agent has an extended shelf-life and leaves a distinctive mark on target.

Safe 1-foot stand-off
Lead-free; safe for indoor use
Five-year shelf life
Robust recoil and function
Flawless loadability
Negligible barrel fouling
No gun powder; no smoke and no smell
Appropriate pain penalty
Marking media is easy to clean and machine washable
No special packaging

This game-changing round functions in 5.56mm, M16/AR-15/M4 rifles. Firearms must be equipped with an appropriate conversion kit.


Force on Force

General data

20 pcs

Balistic data FOF 5,56mm green (FF556G1.pdf, 183 Kb) [Download]

Balistic data FOF 5,56mm red (FF556R1.pdf, 230 Kb) [Download]

Balistic data FOF 5,56mm white (FF556W1.pdf, 213 Kb) [Download]

Balistic data FOF 5,56mm yellow (FF556Y1.pdf, 235 Kb) [Download]

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